Title:  A Genesis Story
Pairing:  Sherlock and John (Gen)
Summary:  They met long before A Study in Pink. 
Word Count:  ~3300
Warnings:  mentions of violence and injury to a child ("offscreen" violent bullying)
Spoilers:  None
Author's Notes:  This is a pre-canon kid-fic written as a remix of "What Is To Come" by [livejournal.com profile] humantales for the Sherlock Remix.  You don't need to have read that story to follow this one, but as it's a very good story and was the basis for this story, I'd recommend reading it.  Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] atlinmerrick and [livejournal.com profile] random_nexus for their beta-fu skills. 

A Genesis Story )

I'm going to see Frankenstein tonight, and I could explode with excitement right about now.  I had thought about posting my thoughts on the film tomorrow, but I realized that those thoughts would probably just be something like "Oh my God!  You guys, this thing is so awesome you don't even know!"  That's not really helpful or informative.  Also, happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate, though I'm still not sure how Patrick got his own day before Spongebob.

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Mar. 5th, 2011 12:07 pm

Title:  Separation
Summary: Mycroft has to break some unpleasant news to Lestrade.
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade, established relationship
Rating: PG-13, maybe R, there's nothing explicit
Warnings: Fluff alert!
Spoilers: None
Disclaimers: Not mine.  I just played matchmaker.
Author's Notes:  Just something I wrote to get over my frustration with a Sherlock/John story that will not cooperate.  This isn't really a sequel to "The Other Hand," but I meant it to be in that universe.  Not betad or brit-picked.


Separation )




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